Comprehensive security control center

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CCSI, a quick and effective response to any type of incident.

This is the heart of the remote protection services we provide through EULEN Security, a nerve center that allows us to perform control and surveillance activities for your assets 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

From our Comprehensive Security Control Center (CCSI), we proactively provide services and evaluate the security of our users from a global and integral point of view.

This center and its functions allow us to effectively and efficiently manage the services we provide through EULEN Seguridad.

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grupo eulen empresa de seguridad privada

grupo eulen empresa seguridad privada

Specific services:

  • Central monitoring station (CMS): reception of signals, verification of alarms (sequential, video, audio and personnel), transmission and centralization of alarms, communication to the operational centers and intervention units of the State security forces and bodies. Localization of people and vehicles.
  • Security operations center (SOC): operational control of all services, reception of news and incidents, reception of and immediate reaction to client suggestions, assembly of services and immediate coverage of positions, changes in schedules, verification of constant presence (radio or telephone), permanent link with the inspection service, data processing and all types of information.
  • Video Surveillance Operations Center (VSOC): remote video surveillance, surveillance video access, virtual rounds, analysis and reports of processes with associated video, etc.
  • Cybersecurity operations center (EULEN Seguridad-CCSI-CERT).
  • Intelligence operations center. Intelligence unit.

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Protection against threats from the digital environment is no longer optional if you want to guarantee the security of your data and the information and communication systems used in your processes.

Intelligence unit

We are a leading provider of business security intelligence services.

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