Non-conventional surveillance

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Maximum control for your needs

We implement control mechanisms and unconventional surveillance specific to your needs to ensure an optimal level of security wherever you need it.

We carry out access information, guidance and control functions, as well as reception and verification tasks in a rigorous, professional manner, in accordance with protocols specially designed and adapted to meet your needs and activity.

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Specific services:

The following services and functions are listed in article 6.2. of the Private Security Law:

a. Access information or control for facilities, including care and safekeeping of keys, opening and closing of doors, assistance in the access of people or vehicles, compliance with the internal regulations of the premises where the service is being provided, as well as performing auxiliary or subordinate tasks for assistance.

b. Reception tasks, and visitor verification and guidance, as well as checking entrances, documents or cards.

c. Control of traffic in reserved or restricted circulation areas inside facilities.

d. Verification and control of the state and operation of boilers, other property and installations in general.

*We do not perform any of the activities that the law defines as “security functions”.

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We have a suitable professional for every type of security required.

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